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JCUA advocates for the rights of immigrants

Jewish law demands that we treat the “stranger” with the utmost respect and dignity. The Torah reminds us dozens of times to treat the stranger well for “[we] were strangers in the land of Egypt.” For the past several years, immigration justice has been a focal point of our work at JCUA and we continue to stand with immigrant communities to demand a more just immigration system.

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Judy Levey
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CIR Advocacy Toolkits

Created by JCUA, these downloadable packets of materials will help when you reach out to local legislators, urging them to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Use these links to download the toolkits:



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JCUA News » Immigration Reform
In Support of Beatriz Santiago-Ramirez
JCUA joins Chicago faith groups helping a Mexican immigrant obtain a U Visa.
Wednesday, October 08, 2014 3:04:41 PM

JCUA September Newsletter
Cantors to sing for expanded trauma care, 9/18. JCUA invests in preserving senior citizen housing. Membership meetings build toward selection of issues. Standing with the employees of Golan's moving. Nate Seeskin joins JCUA as organizing fellow.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 5:26:23 PM

JCUA August Newsletter
Mimi Harris on the Cover! / JCUA members gather at Yusho / Deborah Goldberg named director of teen programs / Farewell message from Rebecca Katz / Photos from interfaith vigil at Broadview detention center
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 12:12:07 PM

Furthering The Momentum: First JCUA Member Meeting
A little less than a year ago, JCUA embarked on a new initiative of developing a membership program. Membership in JCUA costs nothing because it is about investing your passion, desire and time for a more just and equitable Chicago. It is about standing up and saying like the great individuals throughout Jewish history, “hineni […]
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 11:19:00 AM

Immigration is the Jewish Question of Today
I firmly believe that as awareness spreads many others will be jogged out of their indifference be moved to join in as we work to right the terrible wrong being done to the “strangers among us.” For all Jews in the U.S., in our relative comfort and security, this is the pressing “Jewish question” of today.
Monday, May 12, 2014 2:47:53 PM

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Immigration Reform


Immigration Reform


Immigration Reform

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